Six Words and Semicolon’s… Say What?

Over the past month or so I have been doing a lot of focusing on me as I take back my life from the crippling depression of the last year. Part of this taking-care-of-me-project is fulfilling my dream of going back to college. I am thrilled to say that I start classes this week at a local university. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to be taking this step after thirteen years of having to put it off.

In my English 1001, one of the assignments is to create a six-word memoir. Do y’all have any idea how hard that is for me? I love to talk, I love words, lots of words, as any reader of mine is sure to know. Oh, I was struggling with this, how do I put every bit of who I am into just six words? How could I convey to my teacher and my fellow students the complexities that make me, well me?

Then it hit me, the semicolon.

A semicolon is used in a sentence when instead of ending the thought the author decides to continue. It also has a larger meaning in the world of people suffering from a mental illness caused by depression and anxiety, for people who self-harm and think of suicide, for people like me. It’s a reminder that my story  isn’t over and you can bet your bottom I’m saving up my pennies to get it tattooed on my wrist. For now, I draw it on daily, it’s my affirmation every morning. My way of saying that my depression and anxiety don’t get to determine when my story ends.


I am not sure what my final six words will be, but I am closer and it’s all because of the power of a semicolon; who would have thought.