About Me

FeliciaHi my name is Felicia and this is my small corner of the blogging world. I blogged for a few years under this domain until about two years ago when I spiraled into a deep depression. It’s been a long slow and often painful journey back to the land of the sane.

So why am I blogging again after all this time?

Well for one I miss having a creative outlet for my thoughts, the good and the bad. It’s more than that though, depression and surviving depression is largely overlooked in our society today, my hope is that by telling my ongoing story will help others who suffer in silence not feel so alone.

Who am I?

First and foremost I am survivor and I am not a quitter. I am a woman looking to find her emotional and mental independence again. From going to back to college to having a car in my name for the first time in eight years I am learning how to be Felicia again and not just mom or the wife. While I enjoy being those I am more than that, my story, my purpose is more than that. It’s time to relearn who I am.
My girls, my light, my world

However I am still a proud mother to two amazing bright beautiful girls who light up my world. Kyla is my oldest and my mini me. She’s outgoing and is turning into one unique young lady. I can’t wait to get to know her older self. Hayley, she’s my Monkey Butt, my lover of animals and a sensitive soul like her sister.


IMG_2864I am also the lucky wife of this man here. When I reached my breaking point instead of letting me run Mike stopped me. He stood and continues to stand by me in a way that baffles me. We are closing in on ten years of marriage and even after all this time he still finds ways to surprise me.



What do I enjoy doing?

One of the biggest downsides to depression is the loss of joy that one takes in hobbies and little things in life. I am learning to enjoy doing these things again little by little. I like to crochet, art journal, zentangle, read, cook, and write. I also enjoy photography, home schooling and learning new things myself.